Anyone that has undertaken Internet based reconnaissance for a red teaming engagement knows how handy web based network tools are for profiling a target without being easily traceable. Years ago I used but as their server loads increased they decided to introduce a fee-based model which drove folks to look for alternatives. I went to for a while, but now that’s gone too. So I packed up my dns lookups and whois queries and went in search of a new place to call home.

I found a LOT of free alternatives out there. The only ones I mention below are those that could be useful during a red team exercise. I’ve included a few in case you have trouble getting to one or more.

Most do the same stuff (ping, traceroute, DNS lookups, etc), but some stand out as providing particularly useful and interesting functionality.

The top two of this lot are:

  1. which is my new primary DNS services shop
  2. coming second and is a handy backup

The rest offer pretty much the same vanilla services, but I’d use them in a pinch.