Canberra’s first OWASP meeting went very well tonight. We had a turn out of some 20-odd folks from all professional persuasions. Our guest speaker, Tim Scully, presented a very pragmatic view of the poor state of cyber security and strategies for improvement. Tim spoke openly from his depth of experience in cyber security, particularly regarding¬†communication with C-level executives. His talk highlighted the miscommunication between the technical security guys and the boardroom. I’ve known for a while that we (infosec) are not connecting with the senior executive, but I think Tim is the first person I’ve met that clearly articulates why we’re missing the mark and what we can do to fix it.

Next month (4th July) we’ll have Agile Digital talking about their efforts in managing application security for arguably Canberra’s most visited website; All Homes. This should be a fascinating talk from guys that can give us an understanding of how appsec rates compared to other critical requirements like timely delivery and performance.

We’ll see everyone on the 4th of July in their Stars and Stripes for more pizza and beer (graciously provided by Trustwave). Crack on.