The complexities and dependencies involved in even a moderately sized IT or software development project in today’s age is incredible. Unfortunately, this also means it’s almost impossible to add on requirements such as security towards the end of the project without incurring significant effort and financial cost. With our build services Ionize works with you from the ground up to develop a practical, effective, and customised security architecture that fits in with your project and organisational needs. We understand that business requirements need to come first, so our customised solutions find the right balance between security and usability for you.


Our consultants have intimate knowledge of security governance standards and guidelines. This includes experience dealing with regulations such as the ISO/IEC 27001, Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). We don’t just follow them, we help write them. Some of our consultants sit on the Standards Australia working group that develops the 27000 suite of standards which demonstrates the depth of our knowledge and commitment to the security profession.
We’ve built countless security management systems and conducted numerous assessments for our government and commercial clients. Our experience is based on innovative, pragmatic and cost effective solutions to real world problems faced by organisations every day.


In today’s environment security is a major factor in any functional specifications. Well-developed security architecture allows your organisation to comply with Government requirements or international standards. This not only keeps auditors at bay, but also protects your organisation from the reputation and financial losses that a data breach would incur.
Security is no longer an optional add-on, it is integrated from the ground up. Ionize can help you develop realistic and cost effective objectives for your security architecture from project kick-off all the way through to delivery. By leveraging our experience, we can help you avoid the cost and pain associated with thinking of security as an afterthought.


System and network hardening helps mitigate those vulnerabilities arising from practical design compromises that real systems need to make. Some hardening techniques involve removing unnecessary services. Other hardening techniques involve adding security-related hardware and software. All choices have their own complexities to work through. Ionize understands these complexities, and can help harden your systems in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Security threats thrive on exploiting the vulnerabilities of environments with out-of-date hardware and software. Regular system and network hardening allows your organisation to be a step ahead of these threats.
Ionize believes that system hardening is an evolving process that demands real security benefits while maintaining business functions. Although we start with standard hardening techniques, the ultimate driver is what works for your business.


Ionize can advise you of ways to implement current and secure software development best practices in an effective manner, taking into account what’s right for your organisation. Partnering with our source code auditing and training services, Ionize can demonstrate existing vulnerabilities, teach you how to avoid them, and build a framework to prevent such vulnerabilities being introduced in the future.
Ionize testers have experienced both sides of security. We understand that developing secure software isn’t easy or cheap. That’s why, as with all of our services, we don’t believe in an all-or-nothing approach. Incremental change provides real benefits fast and provides a smooth transition to a security aware developer culture.

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Ionize was established in 2008, and has been servicing clients both within Australia and overseas ever since. Our focus is on providing honest advice to our clients, maintaining the integrity of our work, while building and giving back to the information security community.