Offensive Security and the Playground

Who's Offensive Security? Offensive Security are known as arguably the leading training provider in the Information Security industry today. Focusing on highly practical certifications the team are responsible for some of the most well known penetration testing...

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This post is intended to give an overview of the common methods of exploiting file inclusion vulnerabilities. Both remote and local file inclusion topics will be covered. What is File Inclusion? Let's look at the following code: [crayon-5e5489268ada5493639611/] This...

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Canberra OWASP 2014 Chapter meetings

Well folks, its been a while since we've had an OWASP meeting and this time we're planning something a little different. Rather than have very interesting folks talk to you, we're going to roll our sleeves up and get with breaking web apps. The next few chapter...

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What do you do about a problem like Java?

The recent deluge of Java vulnerabilities that have been released (some patched and some exploited in the wild) has given rise to a chorus of ditching Java. I recall a similar village riot when Flash was the subject of a string of vulnerabilities. The main arguments...

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Pastebin as an intelligence tool

Pastebin and its many clones have been around since 2002. During the 11 years of their evolution, we have observed the change from its original purpose of sharing of code snippets to an anonymous dead drop for hackers. The latest one being a "hacker" disclosing SQLi...

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The right DNS stuff

Anyone that has undertaken Internet based reconnaissance for a red teaming engagement knows how handy web based network tools are for profiling a target without being easily traceable. Years ago I used DNSstuff.com but as their server loads increased they decided to...

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Ionize is CREST certified

Ionize is now certified by the Australian Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST). This certification gives our clients assurance that our security testing practice is run professionally and ethically by highly skilled and experienced security testers....

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February OWASP meeting

Once again we're organising a killer OWASP chapter meeting for Canberra in collaboration with SANS. We've got the Scott MacLeod (CTO of AFP) and Nick Klein (digital forensics pro) speaking about building strong technical teams and computer forensics respectively. The...

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July OWASP chapter meetings

We had an excellent meeting on the 4th July with our guest speaker, Justin Smith, giving a developer's view of managing website security. He touched on the importance of releasing functional software versus secure software, the evolution of DevOps to bring dev teams...

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OWASP Canberra chapter meeting

Canberra's first OWASP meeting went very well tonight. We had a turn out of some 20-odd folks from all professional persuasions. Our guest speaker, Tim Scully, presented a very pragmatic view of the poor state of cyber security and strategies for improvement. Tim...

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