Cisco Pivoting for Penetration Testers

On a recent engagement we faced a difficult target with minimal external attack surface. Their website had a few flaws, but it was hosted externally with a third party. Even if we could compromise the site, it likely wouldn't result in the internal network access we...

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Deserialisation Vulnerabilities

Seemingly one of the most overlooked security vulnerabilities in the web applications that we test is the deserialization of untrusted data. I say overlooked because awareness of this issue seems to be comparatively low among web developers. Contrast that with the...

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Everything you run is SYSTEM

If you're ever running any programs on an account with administrative privileges, it might be tempting to think "It's alright; at least if this account is compromised, the attacker won't be able to obtain NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM ("SYSTEM" for simplicity) level...

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Meltdown and Spectre

With the recent disclosure of the hardware bugs Meltdown and Spectre, the infosec world has been thrown into a bit of chaos. The bottom line is "It's a very serious bug in the CPU itself; your computer is most probably affected, but the major operating systems are...

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Security Testing Buyer’s Guide

Introduction Ionize has a long history of providing security services to a wide range of clients, be it government, academic, or commercial sectors. In our experience, there is a large amount of confusion as to what style of security assessment will...

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